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Happenstance Screenshot #1

Ghouls by moonlight!

Happenstance Screenshot #2

Rising to the challenge!

Happenstance Screenshot #3

Climbin' and blastin' fun!

Happenstance Screenshot #4

Into the dark underground...

Happenstance Screenshot #5

Face tearing fearsome creatures!


In a land of ghouls and monsters, Nickie is the only one brave enough to go in and fight these bad guys to the death!

The ordinarily harmless Dr. Arzt was experimenting with some new potions and accidently set off a super chain reaction that ended with ghosts, nasty living trees, wicked goblins, giant slithering snakes and all other kinds of beastly creatures roaming wild across the local landscape! His only solution was to call on his good friend Nickie to vaporise them back to where they came! She shoots straight and is daring as the best of them, so who else to call on but Nickie, no one better to save the world!

• Dangerous Dave meets Biomenace meets Crystal Caves!
• Fun gameplay, climb, shoot, throw knives and more!
• Retro 8 bit EGA graphics!
• Variety of baddies to blast your way through!