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BME¹ Screenshot #1

Bouncin' around in Blaxinia!

BME¹ Screenshot #2

Bryce in Spaaace!

BME¹ Screenshot #3

Swimmin' with sunken galleons!

BME¹ Screenshot #4

Beat the bossinators to win the zone!

BME¹ Screenshot #5

Skiing isn't always so much fun!

Bryce's Movement Engine¹

Be prepared for a trip into yesteryear! Bryce's Movement Engine¹ is an MSDOSWare/Post-Trainwreck-era game set in the halcyon days of 1998! Bryce has discovered a time portal in his Big Game Maker™ Box and has uses it to return to 22 years ago, when Big Game Maker™ was released!

In a not-entirely-unfamiliar setting of an East Virginia-come-New South Wales-come-classic entertainment culture surrounding, he jumps, falls, runs and jet-gasses himself around twelve (count them!) zones of nostalgic platforming and arcade action.

  • Think Skunny, Super Bubsy, Wizkid II, Apogee and DOS-era freeware!
  • Dozens upon dozens of Web 1.0 game development in-jokes and obscure references!
  • Anti-heroic protagonist with an adorably utilitarian personality!
  • Original country-jazz AOR/MOR soundtrack!
  • Super slick gameplay on Windows! Modern graphical upgrades and smooth 60fps motion!
  • Occasional pop culture references to late-nineties television and late-eighties music!
  • World map! Long forgotten but sorely missed yet irrelevant high-scores! Both platforming and old-skool arcade gameplay mechanics!
  • Painstakingly sentimental recreation of level designs from an esoteric freeware game series!

BME¹ Gamebox